Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pamela's Diner

I figured an establishment whose founders had been summoned to the White House to make pancakes for President Obama's Memorial Day breakfast would serve an outstanding club sandwich.

And the turkey on this club was certainly out of the ordinary: slabs of carved roast turkey breast, like Thanksgiving Day leftovers, not like deli turkey at all.

In the company of Presidential-quality pancakes, I expect a higher standard of club sandwich ingredients. The turkey was first-rate; the tomato was world-class, so why were they on a sandwich with processed American cheez fuud and Big-Mac-style lettuce?

And even though the pickle garnishes were adorable, they left the toast all mushy on top.


  1. Love the process cheese commment. I'm off to Montreal next week where I always order the smoked meat club at Mont-Royal Hot Dog. Not purist material, Iknow, but I've eaten many clubs and smoked meat sandwichwes and I couldn't resist combining two of my favourites. I've got a food blog called Restaunique. You've given me new places to try next time I'm in Pittsburgh.

  2. Thanks, Mark. The smoked meat club sounds delicious. I agree --it's worthwhile to explore a looser interpretation of the club sometimes. Smoked meat on a double-decker sandwich, with bacon, lettuce, and maybe a slice of tomato? That sounds like a remarkable sandwich. Enjoy.