Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Grant Bar Club

The Grant Bar Club is close to perfection. It is the traditional turkey club, served on three pieces of toast, cut in quarters, held together with frill picks.

It had the thickest layer of deli turkey I've seen on a club, but the turkey didn't overpower the rest of the sandwich. It was, instead, the foundation for a formidable (and delectable) tower of bliss. The lettuce was fresh. The tomatoes were ripe. The bacon--oh, the bacon!--the bacon was plentiful and chewey to just the right degree. And guess what...

There was an egg. A fried egg on the club sandwich! I know, it sounds like showing off. But it wasn't. The egg was just tucked in there, subtley flavorful, and not greasy at all. A bonus.

Have we found club sandwich perfection, a mere three stops in on the Club Sandwich Tour? Why even bother continuing the tour, now that we know where to find such an embodiment of the club sandwich ideal?

We may be pleasantly surprised. Who knows, there may be comprable (or, dare I hope, even better?) sandwiches as yet undiscovered.

Future club sandwiches will all be compared to the delicious, attractive, fresh, savory, Grant Bar Club.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Gullifty's Grilled Club

Know what's off-putting? A dry club sandwich -- sandpapery bread, dessicated chicken. There's nothing worse.

Oh, wait, yes there is.

The whole point of a sandwich is to have a meal that can be eaten without silverwear, while still leaving the hands clean and free to play cards. A greasy club misses the whole point. And the Gullifty's grilled club was so greasy, I went through three napkins the first three times I touched my sandwich. Finally, I gave up and ate it with my knife and fork.
The bread was thick and chewey-- not in a good way. And shredded lettuce is weird on a club.
It wasn't dry, though.