Saturday, April 24, 2010

1889 Cafe

The club sandwich at 1889 Cafe makes a delicious, surprising, and deeply satisfying breakfast.

I have no idea how it tastes fresh and hot on the plate at the restuarant, because the Zuccini 1889 was the appetizer, and it was so good, that two orders of Zucchini 1889 became the appetizer, and then they became the whole meal, and the club sandwich was taken home, all but untouched, with its French fry attendants, in a styrofoam box.

That's the Zucchini 1889 there in the upper right of the picture. See the sauces? That's a creamy horseradish and a mellow marinara. And the breading is some kind of magic-trick of a crispy-sweet but not greasy envelope around the just-thick-enough slices of zucchini.

When the club sandwich arrived on the scene, I was sort of like, oh, yeah, and that.

Which wasn't fair, because it was a really good sandwich, as I found out a breakfast the next day. This club features a thick and prominent layer of salty pink ham, which made turning it into a breakfast food seem perfectly appropriate. And it turns out that turkey as a breakfast food is totally underrated. The turkey and the rest of the snadwich ingredients must have started out very fresh, because even by the next day's breakfast--this was not an early breakfast--everything was still fresh. The toast still had a nice crunch, and the lettuce held up pretty well, too. You know what it was?