Friday, May 29, 2009

California Club @ Eatunique

The California Club at Eatunique is not a club sandwich per se. It is more like a chicken sandwich with bacon and Swiss on foccacia.

When I tell you that what I liked best about this sandwich was the wrapper, that's not to say it wasn't a good sandwich. It's just that the presentation was so outstanding. I ordered this sandwich to go, and it came to me in a crisp white paper bag, wrapped in deli paper, and ensconced in tinfoil. It was like a present, a treasure, a bride.

There were at least six stips of bacon on this sandwich, so it wasn't that there was a bacon shortage, but there was so much chicken, the bacon was more like a garnish. The chicken was so juicy, I wouldn't even have missed the mayo, but it was a welcome flavor. The foccacia bread was crunchy yet tender, with visible grill marks.

The California Club at Eatunique isn't really a club, but it is still a delicious sandwich.

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